Thoughts on Leadership

In my Blog on leadership I’ve covered a few areas that are fundamental to learning how to lead effectively.  These creating a compelling vision, being an inclusive leader, doing the right thing, building a network of relationships, building a successful personal brand, knowing yourself and building self-awareness.

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I’ve written these blogs as an advisor on strategy and leadership who has learned a lot during my 30 year career. Despite seeing some pretty poor examples of leadership recently, society has become fascinated by it. The pay of top executives has rocketed in recent years and left ordinary workers far behind, yet the results don’t always seem to match the growth in pay. Sports clubs throw more and more money at coaches to get the best out of their increasingly expensive players – again with mixed results. Political leaders have never been less trusted and many campaign on negative rather than positive themes, playing on fears rather than hopes.

So leadership is becoming more and more important in a world that’s got more complex. But what is leadership? What does good leadership look like? Can we learn and disseminate some simple lessons that are generally useful?



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