Current Work

I’m currently working with a number of great organisations, large and small. They include the following:

Kingston University London where I’m an independent non-executive director and Vice-Chair of the board. I serve on both the Finance and Academic Governance Committees. 

Sainsbury’s: I recently joined the advisory board for Sainsbury’s Foundation which reports to the Operating Board.  Through Sainsbury’s Fairly Traded We are looking at new ways of engaging with and improving the lives of communities from which key products are sourced in Africa.

Premier League Equality Standard Panel: We assess the progress of the member clubs of the Premier League against the standards set by league rules for promoting equality within their organisations.  This covers all the characteristics protected by law.

Capital City Academy: I’m a member of the governing body of the school based in Willesden, north-west London and am deputy chair of the Finance committee.

Arco Academy: I chair the Advisory Board of Arco which was established in early 2017 as an alternative provision organisation based in Camberwell, south London.  It provides education to young people who for whatever reason are not in mainstream schooling, engaging them through sport.

Centre for Social Investigation: Advisory board member to CSI which operates from Nuffield College, Oxford doing rigourous academic analysis to better understand social issues especially social mobility and racial discrimination in the labour market.